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Horiba pH/Ion Selective/Conductivity Products

Southwest Scientific was selected by Horiba in 1991 to distribute their pH/Ion Selective/Conductivity Products.  Since then we have serviced a wide variety of clients in North & South America.  SWS provides 41 years of experience in the pH/ISE/Conductivity field & offers the latest products of this type from Horiba.  We have many “Blue Chip” clients to serve.

Horiba pH/ISE/Conductivity Products

How We Can Help

Here are some real-world examples of the tangible benefits we have provided our customers:

A major OTC Pharma Manufacturer needed to reduce costly re-testing due to operator and instrumental error. Learn how we helped.

A major oil refinery needed to change their existing asphalt plant into a ultra clean diesel unit. Learn how we helped.

Medical microbiologists, doctors, and patients world wide need a better method of leukemia early stage detection. One of the emerging technologies is antibody/magnetic bead binding of very low concentrations of leukemia cells by affinity biochemistry. Learn how we helped.

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